The house is the place where the mind finds serenity, tranquility and peace. But how can you make your home harmonious, enhancing spaces and environments?

Many, even today, do not realize how important lighting in an environment is , both from an aesthetic point of view and from a wellness point of view. And this is how often the lighting of the houses is relegated to a second-rate role, if not completely left to chance.

Lighting plays a fundamental role in the use of space and in the design of an environment; it emphasizes them and helps create the right atmosphere.

Light has potentialities not to be overlooked ; to exploit them it is important that operators are able to transfer opportunities to their customers, bringing out new needs.

So in home lighting you need good advice and tricks, in order to better light your own home.

Lighting: is it good to rely on a Light Specialist or do you need it yourself?

In order to achieve these goals, you need to ask yourself what effect you want to achieve and what spaces you want to make more evident.

DIY is the most used method to light up your home, but is it really the most economical solution? 

When thinking of home lighting, it is good to think of relying on experts to evaluate a lighting project .

The Light Specialist

The Light Specialist, the Lighting Designer, has transversal skills in the field of lighting and plant engineering . This role is born to fill a need due to the technological evolution we are witnessing. In this sense it is possible, therefore, to speak of Light Specialist as the figure with the necessary skills to propose lighting solutions. 

Light is a very complex material , not just a functional and essential element (light to see). 

Today it involves further aspects and meanings: light to furnish, to communicate, to create comfort, to perceive the environment in a different way .

In fact, light is able to influence perceptions, emotions and feelings of comfort and physical and psychological well-being.

It is therefore clear that more complex and light skills are needed , such as the knowledge of the effects of light itself, such as continuous technological updating in terms of product evolution and new design opportunities, such as knowledge of the typical dynamics of each environment. 

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