• The Journey of Charlie Solomon's snake:

From Nancy Mayer and Dave SalmanDurham, North Carolina USA:

"Our snake is now safe at home in North Carolina. We were in Melbourne in February just at the right time for the daytime version of the Koorie Night Market at Federation Square.   After much deliberation about which snake to bring home, we picked out one of Charlie's snakes.  The snake traveled home safely and has taken up residence in front of our fireplace. Nancy has shown the snake or photos of the snake to many friends.  Several have expressed interest in having a snake of their own and one person was very interested in a snake walking stick similar to the one Charlie had at the market.   Can you ask Charlie if he would be interested in/willing to sell snakes or walking sticks over the internet and ship them to the US?


Nancy Mayer and Dave Salman
Durham, North Carolina USA