Koorie Night Market Inc. - Registered Office:    -         ABN 62 262 902 360

Corporate Objective:   

  • To conduct a series of Koorie Night Markets throughout Victoria.

Corporate Outcome:    

  • Maintenance, preservation and promotion of the Indigenous cultures and languages of Victoria.

Corporate Key Services: 

  • Promote Indigenous arts, crafts and cultures of Victoria
  • Ensure the Markets include elements of cultural learning and exchange amongst Indigenous community members and the wider community
  • Ensure the Markets include activities that will facilitate the transmission of cultural knowledge and skills amongst Indigenous community members and the wider community
  • Support artists, craftspeople and performers to create new and innovative forms of cultural expression
  • Support the professional development and mentoring of stallholders, performers and artists
  • Provide a platform for emerging artists, performers and musicians
  • Foster increased participation by Indigenous communities in the wider community.



Koorie Night Market is managed by an elected Committee of Management:

Current Committee Members are:

President: John Baxter

Vice-President: Leann Edwards

Secretary: Carolyn Woodley

Treasurer: Fiona O'Leary

General Members:

Stuart Ferguson

Dixon Patten

Stuart Taylor

Joseph Pascoe

Deb Salvagno

Jacques Boulet



Koorie Night Market is now a Registered Cultural Organisation for donation purposes